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Enjoy Tuesday Night Minor League Baseball games with KRAFT Singles!

KRAFT Singles invites you to enjoy America’s favorite pastime this summer! Just bring your KRAFT Singles package wrapper to the Minor League ball park box office and buy one ticket to get one free from KRAFT Singles! This offer is valid every Tuesday home game through September 6th. Only the wrapper is required and can be redeemed directly at the box office!

Now, if you never have been to a minor league game, you don't know what you've been missing!  Kraft sent us to our local Kane County Cougars game, and here's my kids having the time of their life:

The prices for the tickets we thought were extremely reasonable. We had awesome seats that wouldn't have broken the bank. Also, it was a great family friendly atmosphere. The food and snacks were slightly pricey, but completely in line to what we would have spent at any other ballpark. Ozzie, their mascot, definitely engaged the fans, and there was constantly things going on to keep the kids entertained during breaks from the game. We had to go to the will call gate, so we missed that there was a Kid Zone too (we saw it when we were leaving. Next time, we will definitely be checking that out!). It was great that the Cougars won. It makes for a much better game. 🙂

Now, I'm sure that they don't have fireworks every night, but the show was awesome. It rivals some of the city fireworks shows I've seen. I was impressed. (That and any fireworks show set to music is always great). After the fireworks, my kids got to run the bases. You'll have to forgive my horrible video taking 🙂

My husband and I agreed that we'll definitely be taking our kids back to another Kane County Cougar game. The definitely made it a family fun environment that you can afford to take your kids too. Here's what my kids thought:

Have you been to a Kane County Cougar game or a minor league game in your area? What was your experience? Would you go back especially with Kraft's offer that makes it even more affordable?

9 thoughts on “Enjoy Tuesday Night Minor League Baseball games with KRAFT Singles!

  1. I've never been to a minor league game, but I've heard about the fun family atmosphere. With the price of major league games and food going so high, this sounds like a great alternative.

  2. A couple of summers ago we went to a Reading phillies game. it was fun and very family oriented but mostly toward younger kids and mine are teens. but the cheap beer was good!

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