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Entrecard Changes

I know I have talked about how much I love Entrecard.  They are a great way to drive traffic to your blog and have a great community.  Today, some cool changes took place and some not so cool changes too.

First, the cool changes.  Now, you can see how many times a person has dropped their Entrecard on you.  It also lists your last 5 posts that you have done on your blog.  Both are very cool changes that I think are great.

Now, onto the not so good changes.  The change that I absolutely hate that happened today (without any warning) is that you can only drop 600 cards per ip.  Now, if you have one blog this is no big deal.  However, if you have more than 2 blogs in the system (I have 3), this royally screws you.  How?  Normally, you can drop 300 cards per account you have.  Since I have 3 accounts, I was dropping up to 900 cards a day.  Yes, I actually do read the majority of those blogs I was dropping my cards on (not everybody updates daily or weekly).  It would take me several hours a day to do.  However, the traffic that I received from that made it well worth me doing.  By looking at my entrecard stats, I can definitely see the difference in my traffic depending on the number of cards I dropped.  More cards = more traffic.

Now, this not only effects me.  This effects every person who has more than 2 blogs in the system.  If I drop evenly between my blogs, I will drop only 200 cards per blog.  I am losing out on potentially 100 more drops (if everyone reciprocates).  If this is the case, this blog will never make the top three spots nor will my other two blogs since I won't be able to reciprocate everyone who drops on me.  I am also going to assume that the top three blogs are people who only have a single blog in the system.  If that is the case, they will be dropping 300 cards to my 200 on a daily basis.  Tell me how I ever catch up to the lost traffic.  The top spots got there by dropping 300 cards daily.

This change effects anyone who uses a shared computer and/or ip to do their drops.  Husbands and wives won't be able to both have accounts and not effect each others ability to drop.  People won't be able to drop (or be limited) from work if anybody else in the building does Entrecard.  And heaven forbid, if you have to use an internet cafe or library to drop.  Who knows if somebody already used up the 600 drops off those ips?

What's the reason for this change?  Well, according to Phirate (one of the head guys of Entrecard):

It's not a penalty, it's just our only real rational response to people creating multiple “spam blogs” and going nuts dropping a thousand + per day. Unfortunately, some legitimate users will get caught in the cross-fire.

Well, go after the spam blogs.  Set up a system where the blogs have to be 30-60 days old and have 10 posts or so.  That should weed out a bunch of them right off the bat.  I would think they would rather be able to say that they have 7,000 good blogs in the system instead of 6,000 good and 1,000 not so good.

Another issue with this is that it is pretty easy to change your IP.  If you use AT&T like I do, it is simple (just a pain in the butt to have to do everyday).  I won't go into how you do it, but if I know how to do it, the spammers definitely do to.  Also, another way around this is to use a proxy.  Again, if I figured this out, so can the spammers.

Entrecard, I love your system.  It does exactly what it is suppose to — it drives traffic to my blogs.  However, you are hurting the very people who make the system great.  I would think that you would want your best users to be able to put more of their quality blogs into the system.

If you agree, please let them know.  From the few people I have talked to like Jenn, I am not the only one who doesn't agree with this change.  Entrecard has made tons of changes based on what the users want.  I am hoping that the users can bring about change again.

20 thoughts on “Entrecard Changes

  1. You know… that change won't affect AOL users… those IPs change all the time. I have 3 blogs with Entrecard too. I just finally started trying to do 300 drops a day with each one.

  2. I'm glad I saw your post because I don't get to the forum that often. I also have 3 in the system, but i simply can't drop 900 cards a day. I drop as many as I can and especially the people in my drop box the rest are all random.

  3. Ugh. That's not good news. Now the "power droppers" are really gonna have a field day. I can barely keep up with the dropping on my main blog. I won't have time to add a widget to a new blog now. : (

  4. I sent PhiRate a PM in the EC system. I have 3 legitimate blogs… and I hate this limit! I'm sitting here droppiing, and yes reading some of the blogs… because it's more entertaining than watching TV, and I get the messate, 600 per IP! Ugh! I hope they change this. I like your idea of making sure a blog is a certain age, good idea!

  5. Interesting…I do like the recent 5 posts feature – very nice! I can see the 600 drops per day max affecting your guys with multiple blogs, but it won't affect me. I rarely dropped two hundred cards a day.

  6. I don't even use them anymore. It got tedious and boring all to quickly. And I wasn't seeing any traffic from it PLUS the widget is butt ugly. xD

  7. Does this mean that you have to use a different PC just to drop 300 each? I also noticed that the THANK YOU has been changed to Alright if you have dropped a certain qty.

    I think I have to read their recent blog post. I think I am lucky enough coz I just deleted my 3rd blog that makes me a 2-blog owner now.

    Thanks for informing us.

  8. I'm not thrilled with the changes either. Iw as going to get my other 4 blogs on Entrecard after the great traffic I have gotten for the BenSpark. Maybe they will change it if enough people speak up.

  9. No you'll be allowed to drop 600 per ip address, so you are fine. This effects those who have more than 2 blogs in the system. I will be unable to drop 300 card per each of my accounts now.

  10. Lisa,

    You definitely not alone in your feelings on this, till 3 days ago my husband and I had 2 blogs each, and guess what we weren't even worried about dropping 300 on all of our blogs, it is hard enough some days to get to 300 on one. Like so many others have stated, do a better job of weeding out the splogs, don't punish already existing members who have not abused the system.

  11. I agree with all you said Lisa. I have multiple blogs in the system (and, yes there all legit sites), so this change could seriously hurt me. But I see in the forum that they might come up with a better solution. Since I don't care about the credits, their new suggestion would work quite nicely for me.

  12. Luckily I drop from work and home so I won't hit that 600 cut off per IP but I also have multiple legit blogs and it is not fair for those who will get shorted.

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