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Evenflo Smart Steps

CupsEvenflo has created a new line of toddler feeding products. These products are designed to help toddlers learn portions, exploring their food, and serving themselves. We recently tried out several of these products.

The insulated cup is pretty nice. There's nothing worse than having a sippy cup with multiple parts. I say that because I have a ton of sippy cups in my cupboard with no valves because we lost them. That is the most awesome thing with this cup — the value is incorporated into the spout. This cup also comes with a sleeve that helps keep their drinks cool (or hot) longer, and the sleeve is machine washable. The sleeve also comes with handles. There is also a spout cover for travel. It's also BPA free.

We also tried the Discovery Spoon. It is designed to help children feed themselves and also be gentle on their gums. It also has an easy grip handle and is also BPA free.

Lastly, we tried the snack stackers. These bowls are great for snack or even meals. I loved that the lids for these bowls double as a base for the bowls too! You are able to easily stack these together for storage. It also is easy to control portions with these. I like to use them for cereal for Will. The covers make it easy to keep his cereal fresh, and he can eat it later. This too is BPA free.

From my experience with the new Smart Steps products, I have to say that I like them. I like that everything is BPA free. These are products you will use in your home (aff) if you have toddlers, and we enjoyed them all!  If you are interested, here is a coupon you can use to get yourself some of these products!


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