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Evolution of Wedding Dance

I want this husband! This is one of the funniest first dances I have ever seen at a wedding. It even beats (aff) the “baby got back” one that we all saw on TV and YouTube.

Let me know what you think. Would you do this at your wedding?

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449 thoughts on “Evolution of Wedding Dance

  1. I loved it. I wish I would of done that for my wedding.

    People get so bored at times. This is a great punch to the wedding and everyone will remember it. Love it!!!!

  2. I love how the D.J. Even goes "You can look for that one on youtube" You know who got a copy of the video and posted it 😉 lol

  3. This was fantastic! What a great way to do something together that was out of the ordinary. Those two will definitely have a great marriage! :mrgreen:

  4. This couple will be married for 50+ years! They know how to work together and most important HOW TO HAVE FUN!!! Best of luck to the Bride and Groom!

  5. so, let me get this straight…..the bride and groom need MORE central attention on their wedding day so they perform a ridiculous "hey look at me look at ME" dance when they already have everyone's attention directed on them???? ha ha ha. they are so witty and so original. no wonder more then 50% of marriages end in divorce. people are never satisfied with tradition and are always looking for something "more" its a shame they ruined a beautiful and classy moment between a man and his wife.

  6. 😯 😯 😯 😐 💡 THAT was awesome I have got to do that at my wedding. Also if you didn't like this video, 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 well all I can say is don't sleep & watch your back.

  7. the wheel will never be reinvented. everythings been done. its still fun and everyone had a blast. enjoy life for what it is. fecking people.

  8. This is the most adorable and fun thing I've ever seen. A truly adorable way to make your wedding your own. Thanks for sharing it!

  9. That chubby guy can dance alright!! I never expected that! Amazing! well done. I had fun watching this. I hope you guys stay together for a life time and keep bringing some fun in this world! 🙂

  10. I think it's wonderful. Not only are they creative, he looks like he's got a fatastic sense of humor. I predict this one will last with lots of smiles.

  11. In response to Jen's comment, ask how many people remember your first dance at your wedding and ask how many people remember the first dance at this wedding. You may be disappointed. I'll remember this first dance, and I was never there. I don't remember any first dances of any wedding I've ever been to.


  12. really impressive. you wouldn't say at first sight he could dance so brilliantly. he's so good that somewhat obscures her moves and she is not that bad.

  13. I absolutely love it!!! 😆 It really takes a lot to make me genuinely laugh out loud, but this video not only did that, but made my nephew laugh as well. Simply wonderful!

  14. That's amazing. to have a connection like that and to have so much fun with the person you love. I actually cried. AMAZING! 😥 🙂 😛

  15. That was HILARIOUS…to the person leaving comment about the chick with the fattie..GROW UP…Obviously you have no life to come on her and try to degrade people.

  16. 😯 Hey, I liked it and thought it was very unique. I, as well see this couple together for a lifetime of happyness. And if not then it's ashame cuz there's no way it could be any better then this. Most couples that just get married are all seriouse about it. Also know that everyone is watching. So why not give them some kind of laughter and something to remember this moment by. Ya know? So anyway I agree with the majority of the ppl that commented on this video. That is very hilarious and worth taking the time to watch. Peace out laterz

  17. I liked this very much. It truly shows how much these two people love each other. They weren't afraid to be embarrassed. Just having a good time. Its their special day. I loved it! Very inspirational too.

  18. Wow… that was absolutely amazing. They must've spent a lot of time working on that! A great way to give your family and friends a lasting memory from your wedding. 🙂


  20. Did anyone notice it was alot of the same songs that was in the evolution of dance as well? that guy needs most of the credit in the first place.

    Let me say tho, that this was amazing, seeing someone of his size move like that, it was amazing.

    Best of luck!

  21. I found this hilarious

    I love the Song Ice Ice Baby my cousin and her husband actually did their walk in for the bridal party at their wedding to that song it was brilliant fun 🙂

  22. For all the negative remarks on hear prob made by spotty faced kids grow up and get a life you morons great vid hope they had a fantastic day and have a long and happy marriage ….. and why is it you think big people cant dance oooooo dear how sad

  23. Aww this is soooo sweet!!! And what's wrong with following tradition AND adding a little something unique at it?? I will most definitely do it at my wed.!! :mrgreen:

  24. To all the haters "Ur just jelous coz u didnt think of ut first" This is defo a dance to remember, good fun and tongue in cheek! And damn, can that boy moove lol all the best to you both xxxx 😆 😆

  25. That was incredible! Congrats to the both of them as they really deserve each other! May they look back & smile on their Golden Wedding as their grandchildren say " Nah, Thats You? Awesome"

  26. I wouldn't do anything like this at my wedding… because I'm not that clever! 😀 That was beautiful, congratulations. That was wonderful.

  27. JEN: That was just plain mean. Don't do it at YOUR wedding if you don't like it. Screw your 'ultra conservative, better not think outside of the box' ways.

    They had fun, and I'm sure their guests did, too.


  28. I'm not nearly talented enough! There is actually a comedian that they stole the music from – youtube "evolution of dance", but these two are hilarious! Well done.

  29. This is amazing.

    Notice everyone at the wedding got quiet when the mix started lol

    I've actually been wanting to get my entire wedding party to do the entire Thriller dance at my wedding. I'm quite certain that'd be made of awesome. =)

  30. I love the fact they got all the traditional wedding dances out of the way (you know, those obnoxious little tunes they play at EVERY wedding, which makes the memory of them muddle together), and had fun with their first dance as husband and wife. Some wedding start off so somber that it's incredibly dull and unmemorable; it's obvious they love each other a great amount, look at how they act together, interact, and laugh with one another.

    Quite frankly, I'm at that age where all my friends are getting married (I'm engaged and we haven't started planning, I'm too indecisive and a wedding isn't nearly important to me as love is, and since I'm already in love I'm not in a huge hurry), and I remember this more than any other wedding I've been to this year.

  31. :mrgreen: its pretty good but the real one is the best im sorry but .. yea urs is still pretty funny… the dude really noes his moves haha

  32. So, Jen… Who dumped you and made you so bitter? A wedding is all about the bride and groom. They changed it up and made it memorable and fun. Stop crapping on other peoples' happiness.

  33. that was really sweet, and i would've loved to go to a wedding like this. i don't know that I would do it myself…lol. things like this give me hope for marriage. and as far as people like Jen go, they are the reason the divorce rate is 50%, people who are so focused on making other people miserable that they don't have time to fix their own relationships. interesting.

  34. this isnt new, they even have a whole show on tv dedicated to this. The 1st one surfaced a year or 2 ago with "Baby got back"

    still cool though

    girl is really pretty

  35. That was fantastic, if i ever get married i would love to have the guts to do that 😀

    It should make people think that life is meant to be enjoyable and making people laugh by doing the unexpected is a long way to getting there!

    I rarely put posts up on anything but this made me feel that i had to.

    All the best and i hope the rest of your marriage can be as enjoyable for yourselves and people around you 😆

  36. Photoshopped. lol

    But seriously, that was great. Especially liked the end when they went back to the original slow dance like nothing had every happened. That was entertaining and yeah, sure, I'd do that at my wedding but not now since someone else has done it.

  37. That was sooooo cute! My fiance totally wants to do something like that for our wedding next July. Personally I thought there were a few too many songs in their montage, but it was great! They obviously put in a lot of thought and effort. So very cute. They are adorable and I hope they have a long and happy life together!

  38. Awesome … I laughed too much! I wouldn't do this to my wedding cause i m too shy… But i really want to go to a wedding where the couple will do something like this.. i loved the groom. he is amazing.. Congrats on them.. only this!!

  39. How perfect! This is a couple who will have a happy marriage. I can readily see why the pretty bride said yes to this seemingly hefty/nerdy looking guy. He's just great! But why does their dance together bring a tear to my eye? (A tear of joy for them I guess). Anyway – thanks for sharing. Very fun to watch. Best wishes for a long and happy marriage! I think you've got all the steps down!

  40. Fantastic and memorable !!

    All the people who would be smirking behind the back for him being over weight must have dropped down with jealousy at the couple's entusiasm and spirit . Perfect example of how first looks are deceiving and how judgemental we are at most times!

    I wish I was at this wedding and knew them, love people who enjoy life and give it over the top treatment , its worth it !!! 🙂

  41. To the dumbass named Jen and her comment… wow!! What a cunt… you really shouldn’t bring others down with you when your life isn’t going so well. I think doing something unique together especially at your wedding is a great future memory. And all you can do is Hate??? Wow just get it over and hang yourself…

  42. I love the Evolution of Dance and this is like Evolution of Dance with a cuteness factor beyond all words.

    I personally don't believe in marriage but at my commitment ceremony my wife and I did a little choreographed number as well. It was a lot of fun. And this video is beautiful because she is an incredibly good looking woman and he looks like a fat dork. I mean that in a loving way (I'm a fat dork in love with a beautiful woman as well) and those are the best kind of romances.

  43. Muahahahhaha!!! ohhhhhhhhhhh !! that was funny..!! and cute..!! and really, really different..!! i want a husband like that too..!!! and nah.. i can't jump around like that.. muahahhaha!!!

  44. I guess I'll be getting divorced since I went on the opposite end of tradition… We got married 7 months after meeting, I wore a black and pink dress, he wore jeans and a button up shirt, we got married at the court house, reception was potluck at our house with a wedding cake from the store down the road and mexican food from the taco shop. We had plastic champagne glasses, but more beer than champagne. But we've been married for 2 years, and have a beautiful baby, so I guess things are working out ok! I'm all for tradition if thats what you want, but this couple are more memorable than most weddings I've been to!

  45. I am getting married soon and I soooo want to do this! It's better than doing one funky song or dance. I love how they mixed up the songs and dancing and gave everybody a little bit of everything! :mrgreen:

  46. This is the best dance I ever saw! To me this is the original. I will do the same at my wedding. Great piece of dancing and feeling extraordinary.

  47. I'll definitely do it the day I get married. I just hope the groom can bust a move like that ehehehe Great!!!!!!

  48. Yeah, seems to be a trend now days…I've been to two weddings so far this year and they all did some type of dance or act to entertain the crowd..I liked it…I think its creative and makes the wedding fun.

  49. That was awsom and original. I loved it. those 2 are ment to be with eachother. It shows partnership and bieng nsinc with one another.

  50. Hey this couple it made for each other. This was very funny! I laugh!!!! 😆

    Maybe one day, I will have a wedding and will be just as happy and have a day to remember.

    Congradulation on your wedding day! May God continue to bring peace and happiness your life.

  51. :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 Man, I do not care what any body says. That was super awesome what they did, dude. Any one who would sit there and pick this video apart or belittle someone else's comment is obviously unhappy with themselves or something going on in their lives, therefore making them JEALOUS (yes folks, I said jealous) of the purity of this couple's love, connection, and uncanny senses of humor which they expressed so vividly. So in closing, pull the huge broomstick of bitterness out of your butts, negative people. Life is too short to sit there and hate on others. They did not sit there and copy off of the Evolution of Dance. They were inspired by it, possibly. Besides wasn't it once said that imitation is the highest form of flattery?

  52. I would sooooooo do something like this on my weddingday !! 'cuz the lovesong thing can only hold the attention for so long…but by doing this you have their ongoing attention and show them that you're a funloving couple…i absolutely loove it !!!

  53. In response to the pessimistic nonsense that "Jen" vomited on Sept 27, which reads as follows:

    ➡ "so, let me get this straight…..the bride and groom need MORE central attention on their wedding day so they perform a ridiculous “hey look at me look at ME” dance when they already have everyone’s attention directed on them?…"

    "…no wonder more then 50% of marriages end in divorce. people are never satisfied with tradition and are always looking for something “more” its a shame they ruined a beautiful and classy moment between a man and his wife." 😯

    My dear hateful girl, your goal was to "get this straight." Funny you should use the term "straight" considering your warped perception of what "ridiculous" is, as well as your contorted logic regarding divorce and what causes them.

    Speaking of "straight" has the weight of that big chip you carry on your shoulder caused you to walk on a slant yet?

    Though, however unpleasant these conditions may seem, they are actually minuscule in comparison to the excruciating pretzel shape your spine must be in from walking around with your head up your ass.

    So, as far as your attempt to "get this straight" goes… to say you have veered off track would be a huge understatement.

    More to the point would be to say you are speeding down a one way street in the opposite direction straight into the path of a freight train.

    But hey, look at the bright side…at least you are headed STRAIGHT for it!!!

  54. Hey Jenn, how does it feel to be driving the bitter bus??? Get a life, its ALL about the bride and groom. That was awesome!!!

  55. Well funny! they look so happy

    that's the exactly what i want at my wedding- the wedding ceremony in my country is so boring–;

    i love it! :mrgreen:

  56. You bet i would do that! I am silly anyways! I am such a caracter as is. I like doing comedy, i love the attention. I am very stage(un-fright) so , i would do that in a heart-beat! Thank you so much!

  57. WHAT a FUN couple! This was just awesome -I smiled my way through it because they were having genuine fun. You can just tell they LOVE to dance.THANKS! 😀

  58. Love it!!!

    If I ever marry again, sorry but I will do a crazy routine! And I have many students that will help me choreograph it!

  59. Great dance!!! I had my doubts in the beginning … but this was GREAT and very well done! I also posted this site to my "twitter" friends on twitter! @thingsall2good

    Thanks for sharing!

  60. 🙂 So awesome! I would totally do that at my wedding!! Props to ya for changing up the boring part of the reception.

  61. that is AMAZING!!! when i get married/engaged, the boy will learn how to western jitterbug, and that's what i intend to do for my first dance … a fast paced amazing jitterbug that'll fall into a two-step and be absolutely original … maybe not this cool, but major kudos!!!

  62. Sensasional, tem até a música da Gugu no meio!! 😀

    Parabens aos noivos…

    Agora tentarei traduzir, com a ajuda do google ;P :

    Sensational, even has the music of Gugu in the middle! : D

    Congratulations to the grooms …

    Now try to translate, with the help of google, 😛 (yes?)

  63. I have a DJ friend that does weddings, and this is one of the most hilarious things we have ever seen, It was totally awesome and amazing and Hell yeah we would love to DJ a couple with that much sense of humor!!! Rock On!!!

  64. A wedding IS a show: It is an important ceremony, and many of us choose to include our community in the hearing of our vows, and the celebration of our love. "no man is an island" To add to that display such delightful entertainment that clearly took time and energy to perfect, informs your community of time you've spent with each other planning your (immediate) future, learning and laughing. A nice gift of knowledge for the attendees, all of whom should be rooting for your future. My kids surprised me with a 4 1/2 minute beautifully choreographed dance to Bjork's 'it's oh so quiet here'…..and I spent the whole 4 1/2 minutes in absolute delight. It is a year and a half later, and still all the guests are asking when the video will be available for viewing….and really – only the dance part! I keep pushing for a you-tube debut. This was a wonderful example of the couples desire to commit themselves to each other – with joy.

  65. The music and most of the dance moves are from the ‘Evolution of Dance’ on youtube. Still loved it.

  66. WoW! Those two are awesome! This is relationship that will last forever. They obviously know how to have fun and are loaded with humor.

  67. omg!this beats any wedding video i have ever seen 😀 i absolutley loved it.yall show make a seguel for yall annervirsery

  68. Found this through StumbleUpon. I loved this video, even more like you said than the Baby Got Back wedding.

    My wife and I were this close to doing a dance skit at our wedding last year.

    What a cool couple.

  69. that was totally awesome and so romantic. To bad couples weren't doing that 25 years ago. Oh well maybe for the 25th anniv party. I'm so going to suggest something like this for my kids when it's their turns to marry. I would love to be present for something like that. I hope they have a long and happy future…

  70. ehhh i dont know it looks just like the evolution of dance by the guy. and i am kind of tired of seeing all these couple become famous like the baby got back ones, people just want the fame and attention.

    ehhhhh thats my opinion,

    i do however love that they are happy, they looked like they were really enjoying it and thats all that matters.

  71. I think you guys were great to do something like that. Keep it up and have a great life together I know you will. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  72. This is very refreshing for the couple to entertain their guest in this manor To many people worry about the stuffy rules and etiqute This was awesome and the guest should have felt honored to have been entertained in such fashion

    Heck at one of my daughters wedding she would not "allow" any Elvis or Char for her mother! imagine? To her credit she has loosened up a lot and would change alot about that day

    Good luck to this couple if they are indeed a true couple and not a skit either way it is inspireing and should set a new standard

  73. That is too cute, now that would be the perfect wedding! 😀 any man that would do that his his wife is a good man!

  74. I don't think I'd have the guts to do this at my wedding (or anywhere; I'm a horrific dancer) but I love these two. This was adorable and funny and just awesome.

  75. That was SOOOO funny!!! That is such a good way to keep guest awake. This couple is awesome. And may they have a long married life ahead of them. Want to see what they post 50 years from now.

  76. Wow there are alot of negitive people out there.For those of you who hated on him because he's over weight I'm sure there is something equally wrong with you.For those of you who hated because you thought it was over the top, done before,wanted to be the center of attention or copied from a TV show. You probably don't have enough creativity, heart or balls to do this youselves.I think their creativity,planing and excution of this dance was a terrific way to entertain their family, friends and other guests. It will be a memorable moment for many including all you HATERS.

  77. This was one of the best videos that I have seen. It had everything that could be done. It was very good. I am glad that the groom was in great shape and able to do all of those moves I give him a 10 🙂

  78. That was soo great that made my day!!! I wish we would of done that on our wedding! I loved it, maybe one for our year anniversary!!!

  79. wow this must be the most fun couple on earth. i'm a wedding bartender, i'm going to start showing this to the couples ahead of time! lol

  80. What a great couple! I disagree that they were just trying to get more attention; in fact, I think it was giving their guests "their money's worth" for buying a gift, getting all dressed up, and spending half a day focused on them. I have the feeling their friends and families probably know them well and enjoyed this a great deal. I think I have to add "will do a theme/montage dance with me at our wedding" to the list of things I require in a mate!