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Exciting news at my house!

I have two extremely exciting things to talk about that are happening for me.  The first one is going to happen tomorrow night, and I have Drew from BenSpark to thank for it.  I love Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel.  Actually, my whole family loves the show!  Madison actually just calls it “The Crabs” as in “turn the crabs on”.  Well, I get be involved in interviewing two of the captains from the Time Bandit tomorrow night, and II will be writing a guest post on The Wired Kayaker about it!  I am super excited!

My second news involves the Sony Mommy Blogger Event.  15 mommy bloggers were chosen to attend this, and I am one of them!!!!  This is an all expense paid trip.  It'll happen in a couple of weeks, and we will be able to try out several of Sony's products.  We also will be able to take some gifts home (aff).

Anything exciting happening in your life?

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