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Fairy Tales Hair Care

The new school year brings lots of stuff — homework, sometimes sickness, and sometimes even lice!  I've lucked out that my kids haven't got lice (keeping my fingers crossed) yet.  However, did you know that 85% of all school districts in the US report at least one case of head lice every year?  The majority of those 12 million cases occur in preschool and elementary school aged kids.  I know, those are some crazy numbers.

Lice can be prevented by using hair care products from the Fairy Tales Hair Collection.  They are the leader in natural lice prevention products from children.  Their products are safe for daily use and are infused with organic rosemary and citronella oils.  They are proven to effectively and safely repel lice.  They have several products in their line including shampoo, a cream conditioner, a leave-in-conditioning spray, a styling gel, and a hair spray.  I love that it doesn't smell like those other lice shampoos.  Instead, it smells good and natural.  It also works just as good as any other shampoo we've used.  Since Will's school had an outbreak last year, this is a product we'll definitely be using (and I'm sooo glad he didn't get them!).

Not only do they have a great product, they also have their own app called The Facts Of Lice.  (Love the name — it makes me giggle).  The app provides real time alerts of outbreak at the local level.  When you know an outbreak has occurred in your area, you know it is time to increase your lice prevention.  It also includes lice prevention tips and lice prevention information.

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