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Family Game Night 3

The Family Game Night 3 is a blast from the past for me. It includes many games I remember playing as a child, and allowed Madison to enjoy a video game version of them. Each game has a classic and a remixed version which gives extra ways to play. The games included on Family Game Night 3 (aff) are Twister, Clue (aff), Yahtzee, Mousetrap, and Life. There are some small changes from the original games. For example, in the original board game for Clue (aff), you can take a “guess” whenever you enter a room. In this version, you start a “rumor” every time you earn 6 rumor points. You get rumor points by walking around the board, landing on spaces that have rumor points within the tiles. Our take on the games:

Life – This is just like playing the board game. Both my 3 (aff) year old and 7 year old had no problems playing this game. Madison beats (aff) me playing this all the time!

Mouse Trap – Very enjoyable except it is a little slower than I remember the actual board game being. You work your way around the board building the contraption and then it's just a matter of rolling to eventually get to the end of the board. Then there is the mini game of catching your opponent. Madison beats (aff) me at this too!

Twister – This did not translate well to the Wii. It's more of a dance party where you have to match what they are doing. I wasn't a fan of this.

Clue – An interesting take on the classic. However, at 7, Madison didn't understand how to play. I think this game is just a little beyond her (though the board game probably would have been too).

Yahtzee – Another interesting take on the classic. However, Madison had a very hard understanding what she was suppose to do and then being able to do it in the limited about of time she had. An adult wouldn't have a problem though.

Overall, Family Game Night 3 is a pretty fun game. Now, if I can just figure out how to beat Madison on Life . . .

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  1. Lisa,

    Thanks for the review on Wii family game night! Am always looking for family safe activities with my 9 year old and will have to check this one out! I still remember mousetrap growing up!

    Appreciate your time on this.


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