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FamilyFun Crafts

FamilyFun magazine has long been a go-to source for fun, inexpensive and simple crafts for kids. With the recent introduction of FamilyFun craft kits, it’s even easier to take activities from the magazine’s pages straight to kids’ hands.

The FamilyFun magazine gave me a lot of really great ideas that I can “actually” do around the house.  None of their food suggestions or even outdoor decorations (we are talking about trying the Ring Around The Ghostie).  I could even handle making the costumes in here.  I'm pretty impressed that they created such a great book of Halloween idea.

However, we loved the FamilyFun Craft kit the best.  We had gotten pumpkins and had no time to carve them.  Instead, we tried out the FamilyFun Craft Kit (aff) and had a blast!  It was easy enough for Madison to do by herself.  Step One:  Pick out a pumpkin:

Step Two:  Add On the Decorations

Step Three:  Admire your handiwork.

Step Four:  Decorate all the pumpkins in your house:

Best of all, is that there were three different costumes in our kit.  These kits retail for $5, so you definitely can't go wrong there!  We had a ton of fun at our house with this.  I would definitely get these kits again next year!  I was so impressed with both the catalog and the craft kit (aff) that I can't wait to see what they come out with for Christmas!

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  1. Honestly speaking for me nothing is more important than my family. $5 is indeed a amount which you can easily spend for your family 😛
    Anyways thanks a lot for sharing this.

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