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The Fat Boy Chronicles

The Fat Boy Chronicles is inspired by a true story about a 14 year old boy who was overweight.  Now, we all remember our high school days and how cruel kids are to one another.  As you can guess, Jimmy was both tormented and bullied by his classmates.  When one classmate sees past his appearance and truly becomes his friend, he decides to make a changes in his life to lose weight and be more healthy

I am so happy to see a movie that talks about a real world issues in the lives of teenagers.  There was bullying when I was in school, and from what I've seen on the news, bullying has just gotten worse.  It is nice to see someone who can overcome and triumph the cruel and evilness in this world.  Dr. John Barge, Superintendent of Schools – State of Georgia even states that this “a must see for every parent and educator”.

The extras on the DVD are pretty awesome too.  You've got the auto commentary with the director and authors of the novel, cast interviews, the eBook preview, and bullying prevention information.

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