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Fat Chance: Losing the Weight, Gaining My Worth

With this last season of The Biggest Loser over, we are all wondering how we are going to lose those extra pounds we seem to gain at Christmas.  Have no fear, Julie Hadden is here.  Julie is the first runner up on Season 4 of The Biggest Loser.  Like me, Julie is a stay at home mom who put everyone else in front of herself.  In reading her book, you get to learn about how she learned to make herself a priority.

I am a person who believes things happen for a reason.  Julie didn't win The Biggest Loser.  Instead, she lost by 8 lbs.  However, she was able to adopt a little boy (which wouldn't have been possible if she had won due to a media tour should would have had to do).  Here's the weird part — her little boy was 8 lbs when they got to bring him home!  Another weird yet cool thing that happened to her was that they had gotten rid of their second car to save money, so she could stay at home with her kids.  On the show, she won a challenge.  The prize?  A brand new car!

The book gives us a glimpse into what it's like to be on The Biggest Loser (I won't tell you how long they work out daily!).  Fat Chance also provides tips that we can all do.  I love the exercises that you can do standing in line at the grocery store, washing dishes, or even doing  laundry.  There are even some recipes for you to try!

This is great book to get you on pace for the New Year.  With it's great tips and real life story, Fat Chance is a book you should read.

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