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Febreze Wooden Wick Candles

Getting your home ready for the holiday madness can be, at times, stressful (especially if you have family that just drops in! Febreze understands this and has introduced the Wooden Wick Candles. The Febreze Wooden Wick Candle brings the ambiance and sound of a crackling fire indoors. They come in several scents, so you will definitely find one that suits (aff) your tastes.

I liked these candles. The aroma wasn't so overwhelming that it would knock you out. Heck, I have the gingersnap candle and I just like smelling it without lighting it! The wood wick is definitely different. You can definitely hear crackling with it (however, it's not a fireplace, so it isn't going to be as loud as that). These candles will also burn for 80 hours!

If you are looking for a great candle for your home this holiday season, check out Febreze Wooden Wick Candles!

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  1. i like the idea of the crackling sound….like a real fire. Was wondering…so are they made out of wood? does this increase the fire hazard or no more so than usual candles?

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