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Ferro Cosmetics

Summer makeup can have many women sweating (literally)! Ferro Cosmetics products offers all the green glam, light weight, long-wearing durability women deserve no matter what the season. Their ingredient list is totally natural and free from bismuth and other artificial or toxic fillers (found in waaay too many mineral brands). I recently tried out a few of their products, and I do like them.

The first product I tried was the Palest Honey Ultimate Mineral Foundation. It works great with skin that has yellow or olive under tones, or women with alot of natural redness who wish to neutralize pink tones. Palest Honey Ultimate Mineral Foundation gives you full yet weightless coverage and a shine-free, matte finish, while still showing your own skin. You can easily switch from maximum coverage to light and sheer, barely there coverage simply by the amount you apply. This shade covers and hides redness caused from acne, rosacea, or spotty redness. Palest Honey is also a fabulous concealer for brightening under eyes and fully covers dark circles. It is very light. Wearing it, I've gotten a lot of compliments.

The second product I tried out was the Terra Cotta Mineral Blush X3. This perfect for redheads, brunettes, warm to golden undertones, and freckled skin. Terra Cotta works on everyone from the fairest of maidens to darkest of tones. For reddish undertones, Terra Cotta nuetralizes overly red complexions and leaves a glowing gorgeous finish.
Apply with foundation sponge for dark skin tones for more intense color. However, the best part of this is its multi-uses. Not only can you use this as blush, but it can be used as long wear eye shadow, applied on top of clear lip gloss for use as lip color, and blended into your favorite top coat or nail strengthener as nail color. Talk about bang for your buck! As a person who travels a lot, this is awesome. I am not having to bring 12 different products now!

Ferro Cosmetics have 100% Natural Ingredients, are 100% Cruelty Free, are 100% Paraben Free, are 100% Bismuth Free,and 100% Vegan. What more could you want in your makeup?

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