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As many of you know, Madison has been wearing glasses for almost two years now. She will be five in January, and I have to admit that getting her to wear her glasses has been a struggle. At least now she realizes that she can’t see without her glasses. However, sometimes she still tries to sneak around and not wear them. One of the things you can do is get Ficklets for your children’s glasses. Ficklets are eyewear charm huggers. Basically, they make your kids (and yours too if you like) want to wear their glasses.  It took me about five minutes (actually, I think it was less than that) to get these on Madison's glasses, and she was extremely proud to show her Ficklets off.

Now, I got Madison the flower ones. However, they have all sorts of designs to pick from. They have everything from flowers to sports to shapes.  They even have a miscellaneous section that has lips and smiley faces!  These are definately cute and a great talking piece.  Kids will love these.  If you know anyone that wears glasses, then you definitely should get them a set of Ficklets.

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