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Film Festival in a Box Review

If you have a movie lover in your family, then Film Festival in a Box is the perfect gift for them.  This is a game and movie night wrapped into one box!  The game includes a DVD of 4 short films.  Your total viewing time is about 50 minutes.  After you have watched all four films, you can all vote and pick a winner.  Here's the really cool part, you can go online and vote also.  The results are sent to the filmmakers, so they will actually find out that you think their film rocks!  How cool is that? Film Festival in a Box is made in America and all profits are shared with the filmmakers too.  There are tons of topics to choose from too (I personally picked Zombies, and there are some pretty good movies in here!).  You can pick movies made my women, love stories, and even pottymouth comedies!

We can't all go to Sundance, but Film Festival in a Box is the next best thing!

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