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Finally, A Good Baseball Story

The White Sox slugger Jim Thome became the the 23rd player to hit 500 career home (aff) runs.  He did it in the bottom of the 9th at U.S. Cellular Field to give the White Sox a 9-7 victory over the Los Angeles Angels.  Twenty two players have reached the 500 mark before Thome, but none have done it to end a game.  What made it even sweeter was that it was Jim Thome Bobblehead Day.

The other cool part of this story is that the person who caught the ball was content to receive a bat and another ball (autographed by Thome) in exchange for the home (aff) run ball.  There was no eBay or auction to get rich with the ball.  The White Sox were going to offer him 2 (aff) 2008 season tickets and tickets to a Sox-Cubs game in a luxury suite.  Instead, the fan, Will Stewart told the White Sox to give the tickets to Thome's favorite charity.

This is a refreshing story from both sides.  It is nice to hear something about the good in people instead of cheating and steriods.

One thought on “Finally, A Good Baseball Story

  1. Howdy ! It IS good to hear something nice for a change. Being from Chicagoland myself, I am happy for the White Sox. I dont really follow BaseBall much, as I prefer Football and watching the cute butts run around the field 🙂

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