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Fit Flops

No, I did not mispell flip flops. Fit Flops is the actually the name of some new shoes (well, flip flops) that came out. They are really cool. Not only are Fitflops fashionable, they also help you stay in shape. The Fit Flop launched last summer in England and was a huge hit over there. I think they actually might have sold out. The idea behind these shoes is that they are made with micro wobbleboard™ technology which allows you to work out your muscles every time you take a step! It makes your legs look thinner and your butt look better? Who doesn't want that? It is the perfect reason you can give to your husband/boyfriend/fiance when they ask you why you need another pair of shoes. They come is 5 different colors (black, chocolate, navy, silver, and red), so you can match almost any outfit you have. What are you waiting for?

4 thoughts on “Fit Flops

  1. So are these the must-have shoe item that crocs once were?

    But you're right – if it makes my legs look longer and my butt tighter, what more reason do I need to give?!

  2. I think I'm going to have to buy me a new pair of shoes. Anything that can help my legs look better is something I'm willing to try, unless it involves surgery.

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