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Floor Planner

I am in the process of trying to see if we can put an addition on the house. We currently have a half attic upstairs, and I would love to put our bedrooms up there. I came across Floor Planner a while ago when I didn't need it. I did remember about this great software now that I measured the attic. It is fairly easy to use. You can design pretty much any room for free! You are able to buy more intricate versions. However, for what I needed, the free version works just fine. You are able to put in door, windows, furniture, etc. They pretty much have everything you can think of that you would need to be able to make sure you can fit into a room. You are also able to list dimensions, put up walls, and add staircases. Making the basic layout of my attic took less than ten minutes. Unfortunately, figuring out what I want up there is taking a bit longer. If you are considering adding an addition onto your house, check out Floor Planner. It will take away many of your headaches!

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