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Flying Nowadays

If you read my travel blog, I outlined all the airlines and the baggage fees that they (the airlines) are now collecting.  I seriously swear it is getting to the point that if you have the wrong color bag, they are going to charge.  A lot of the airlines are also charging for blankets, pillows, soft drinks, water, and anything else you can think off.  In this last year, I have done a lot of flying, and it just floors me that you can run a business this way.

It is getting to the point that it will be cheaper to go the route of a getting a Private Jet Charter. No more of having to get to the airport 2 (aff) hours or more ahead of time to be told that your flight is delayed. No more having to worry about missing your connecting flights due to the airlines ineptness. If you want reliable service, streamlined, high safety standards, and no-surprise billing, you should definitely be looking at companies like New Flight Charters. They were founded in 2003, and they have an accident free history. Last year alone, they had 1,600 customers that were flown to 212 airports in 14 different countries!  Crews are FAA certified and every Captain is Airline Transport Pilot rated. You even get to pick what plane you want! In a world where the the airlines are nickel and diming you to death yet providing crappy service and missed connections, private charter jets may be the answer!

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