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Football Sunday

Bill has been gone to the Chicago Bears game all day.  The final score was 48-41, so needless to say, it really was a fun, interesting, nailbiting game.  He's on his way home (aff) right now ( I just called him), and they are still stuck in traffic!  Right now, I am watching the Green Bay Packers while I am waiting.  Being from Green Bay, I love when I am able to watch both games!  Trust me, a Packer fan living in Chicago gets a lot of flack.  Right now, (crossing my fingers and hoping I don't jinx them), the Packers are winning 27 – 7 against the Indianapolis, and they are looking pretty good.  Yes, even when the hubby isn't home (aff) I watch football.

Ohhh while I was writing this, Packers intercepted and the score is 34 – 7.  Wooohooooo!  Go Pack Go!

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One thought on “Football Sunday

  1. My wife and I were in the air during the game and when we landed I got a glimpse of a tv that I was sure said 41 points for the Vikings. I told me wife what I thought I saw and commented that "I'll bet they still lost" and SURE ENOUGH! lol, hard to be a Vikings fan.

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