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Four Foods On Friday

I know, I know — some weeks I actually remember to do this.  I love reading every else's answers to the weekly questions too!  As I was making my slow cooker beef stew, I decided that I think I am going to start a cooking blog (which these weekly questions would go great on)!  But onto the questions:

#1. What is your favorite kind of juice to drink?  Umm, not a big juice drinker here, so I'll go with orange juice.
#2. Pizza. What’s your favorite?  Pepperoni.
#3. Mustard. Yellow, brown, depends.  I hate mustard.
#4. Share a side dish recipe that uses rice or pasta.  I have to add this one later.  My laptop that has all my recipes on it blew up and until I can get it working again, I have no access to any of my recipes.  I am hoping to get this added to this shortly!

Want to join the Four Food On Friday?  Check it out here.

6 thoughts on “Four Foods On Friday

  1. Oh no! I hope you can get your laptop up & running soon. They seem more susceptible to blow ups than desktops. But, I wouldn't want to be without mine!

  2. Thanks for playing! I hate mustard too.

    You're entitled to an entry in the contest for playing, if you would like one just comment the contest post.

  3. I hope you don't lose a bunch of stuff with your computer mishap like I did. I'm still trying to re-find all the stuff I lost. i discovered this afternoon that I can't do any photo editing, grrrrr!

    Looking forward to a recipe from you when you get things back in order!

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