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Four Foods on Friday #7 questions

I have been meaning to do this meme forever, and I never remember to do it. My goal is to do it every week from here on out.  My sister does it every week and has a blast with it, so I figure why not.

#1. Bagels. What’s your favorite kind of bagel and how do you like to eat them? Plain. I like them toasted and just regular.

#2. Mashed potatoes. How do you like them? Lumps – love em or leave em? I'm fine with lumps.

#3. Mac and cheese. How do you make it? Boxed or from scratch? Add anything? Out of a box and don't add anything.
#4. Grapes. Cold, frozen or room temperature? Do you prefer red or green? Why? I don't like grapes.

3 thoughts on “Four Foods on Friday #7 questions

  1. Thanks Lisa! Highlights will go up Friday.

    I wasn't sure if you wanted to be entered into the contest, participating in the meme is worth two entries. If you are just leave a comment on the contest post.

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