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I have to start this review by stating how much I love this company. Frecklebox has some of the coolest products out there, and I will be ordering some more birthday and Mother's Day gifts shortly.  I can't say enough good things about them, but I will sure try.  🙂

I absolutely love their personalized books. They are some of the best done books I've seen on the market. My kids loved seeing their name in print (well, Madison more since she's five and can recognize her name).  Now, there are several choices for the personalized books, and you can see two of them up above.  Madison's book is about all the different things that can spell her name like the  leaves in the street and the shells at the beach.  Will's book is about all the jobs he could have when he grows up like being a doctor or a firefighter or even a teacher.  The detail in Will's book is amazing, because they ask you for information like the city you live in and encorporated it into the book.  For the police office, they had a car on the page with Will's name and the city we live in Police Department.  It's a small detail that makes me love these books even more.  Now, you can get these in hardcover or softcover.

We also got personalized puzzles.  They are 20 pieces and definitely easy enough for Madison.  She actually took these, went into the kitchen, and did them all by herself.  The puzzles have great designs, and there are a ton more to pick from too!  It's just another way to make your little ones feel special!

The last product we got was their personalized coloring books.  Madison loves to color, so this is a great gift for kids her age.  Everytime she saw her name, she said “awesome”.  It is cool that she recognizes that this is her own coloring book.  I can definitely see this coming in handy with multiple girls or boys in your house, since their name is right on the book.  She also loves to refered to as a princess, so that was an added bonus.

I seriously can only give good praises to Frecklebox.  They have a high quality product that my kids absolutely love.  They have tons of designs to choose from for all of their products, and I would be surprised if you cannot find something you like.  Their checkup process was simple and delivery was quick.  Like I said when I started, I will be ordering several more of these products, because they make such great gifts!

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