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Freeze It

I was recently asked the question who could use the product Freeze It the most. The answer was super easy to come by. It is this guy:

Who is that? Well, as my regular readers know, that is my husband. Both of us are all of thirty (I know we are soooo old!). My body however seems to holding up better than his (not sure why that is though). Since college, Bill has a had a problem with his knee (I have known him since we were 19, and he was having knee problems then already). The first time I remember his knee going out on him was when we were helping his grandfather move. If I remember correctly, he was carrying a box to the street, walked over the curb, and his knee went out. Not is only painful that his knee goes out, it also pulls and stretches all the muscles and tendons around it. That is the most painful part for him. He's tweaked it on and off several times through the 11 years I have known him. Most notable are two instances that have happened somewhat recently. The first that comes to mind is when his brother Nick got married. Bill was dancing and his knee, yet again, went out on him. I think he said his shoe stuck to the floor. The last time he had a major issue was at my family reunion in August. He was playing baseball and his knee went out when he was at bat. Not a good situation at all.

As he has gotten older, it seems like it takes longer and longer each time to recover. It also seems like what we used in the past no longer works. He is at the point where when the weather changes his knee starts to bother him. However, he will not go to the doctor for it. That where Freeze It Gel comes into play. I think if he would start dealing with the pain of the muscle pulls and tears that happen when this occurs, it will solve a lot of his other problems. He is constantly complaining of a sore neck. I personally think this is all connected (plus he can use the Freeze It on his neck too!). I think he adjusts the way he walks and even lays due to the pain in his leg. Get rid of the pain — get rid of the other aches. I am not a doctor, but that makes sense to me.

There are several uses for Freeze It such as:

  • Sore Muscles & Muscle Sprains
  • Back, Shoulder, Neck Pain
  • Arthritis, Painful Ankle, Knee, Hip & Elbow Joints
  • Muscular Strains

Bill could use it for all of these when he having knee issues. Also, during the summer, he plays softball and gets really sore.  This is a product that would definitely make a difference in my household. We have a 3 (aff) year old and a 5 month old (who this week figured out how to roll across the entire living room floor!) that need to be constantly chased after. When one parent is out of commission, it just makes it a whole lot more difficult. We'll survive, but I am worried that if Bill is having problems now already, what are the next 20 years going to be like?

If you are interested in Freeze It, you definitely should watch this:

3 thoughts on “Freeze It

  1. He should really be going to the doctor for that… or maybe some physiotherapy? sounds like something that happened to me a lot when i was growing. Basically i had to start working on my leg muscles…lifting weights, stretching, because my knee was over compensating. stretching and working out will help the tendons attached to the knee cap and makes it tighter so it doesn't keep happening. Icing it is just a way of reducing swelling and the pain, but it's not going to help in the long run at all.

  2. You're painting a very familiar picture. A painfully familiar picture, that is.. I'm having knee problems too, you see. Maybe I should try FreezeIt too.

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