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French Toast School Uniforms

As many of you know, Madison attends a small private Catholic school. This is a school that requires that the kids wear uniforms.  I'll be honest — the first time you have to purchase the uniforms, it is a bit of sticker shock (though I have a feeling that shopping for school clothes is also that way too).  As a mom on a budget, I'm always looking for ways to save a buck or two or even three.

French Toast School Uniforms are school dress code-approved, but if you look at the site, you’ll see they are really quite nice, stylish, and very inexpensive.  I love that if your school does have to wear uniforms, you can easily find out the requirements on the site.  They didn't carry the jumpers Madison needs.  However, I did order the peter pan blouse and the cardigan sweater as you can see in the picture.  (I also ordered some socks, but it is way too cold here in Illinois to not wear tights to school).  Madison is in love with the sweater.  I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that it has pockets in it, but she never wants to take it off!

French Toast makes it super easy to find what you need for uniforms, and I recommend it for your uniform needs.  The quality and prices are great!

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