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Friis Coffee Savor

How do you store your coffee?  Did you know that the way your store your coffee most likely is shortening its shelf life?  Do you know what is causing the bitter and stale taste you've noticed with your coffee?  There are 4 things that destroy the flavor of coffee: trapped CO 2 (aff), light, air and moisture. Most likely, you weren't storing it correctly.  There is only one coffee canister that eliminates the flavor loss in whole beans and ground coffee and that is the Coffee Savor. The Friis Freshness Valve on it vents away trapped carbon dioxide gas created during the roasting process and blocks out moisture, light, and air to seal in flavor.  It holds 16 oz of coffee of any kind and is super easy to use.  You just put your coffee in and close.  Then once a month you change the freshness value (and you get several to start with).  How much easier could fresh coffee get?

This is a must have for any coffee lover in your family, so that they can have rich, satisfying flavor every morning.


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