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From Crib To Preschool

Todays was Will's first day of school (Madison doesn't start till Wednesday).  He has the same teacher he had last year, so he was quite excited to go.  I found his Spiderman shirt over the summer and had put it away for today.  Will was beyond excited that he had Spiderman shoes, Spiderman socks, Spiderman underwear and his Spiderman shirt.  All of that matched his Spiderman backpack.  Do you sense a theme here?  Now, if I could have only found Spiderman black convertible cribs, my life would be complete.  🙂  Instead, we had to settle on the 3 in 1 convertible cribs  which (as you've seen from my prior posts about when you move your kids from a Baby Crib Station set in the toddler bed conversion) has worked pretty good so far.

It is hard to believe that Will is in his second year of preschool though.  He looks like such a little man, and instead of being the youngest in his class, he's now an elder at 4!  (He is still one of the youngest of the returning students though).

Last year, I was not allowed to leave until he walked into school.  He literally thought I stood outside and waited for him till school was over (and no, I didn't.  I went home but he never knew that).  Fast forward to this morning.  They were waiting for the bus before they went into school, and we were told we could leave if we wanted.  I asked Will if I should leave, and he told me yes!  Then when I didn't move fast enough, he told me I could leave again.

It is quite amazing how far he's come in a year!



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3 thoughts on “From Crib To Preschool

  1. Adorable! I *love* the Spiderman shoes… I remember my first day of Kindergarten, I insisted on wearing my ballet shoes – my mom fought me tooth and nail, but I would not go in anything else – and they just HAD to be laced up! I must've looked ridiculous.


  2. Our sons have a lot in common! He adores Spiderman as well and he has the bookbag, hat, lunch box, bed set, some posters, and folders to match. He doesn't have many Spiderman clothes though, just a pj set and a few shirts. This was his first week of Kindergarten and he was areal trooper just like your son. He was a bit clingy at first but then he handled the situation like a trooper and let me leave. I think that all parents should seek their child's permission before leaving on those first days of pre-k through the first grade. It gives them some sense of control on those first days full of chaos.

    When my daughter was in kindergarten, they would not let the parents enter the classrooms. You could go in the school but then once you got to a certain point, a teacher's assistant would escort your child back to the classroom. I felt so sorry for those little ones! One little boy was there crying really hard. He just kept on saying something in Spanish! I don't think he knew what was going on!

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