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Frosted Flakes Plant A Seed

In January, Mom Central and Kellogg's Frosted Flakes worked on a joint venture together letting us all know about their Earn Your Stripes Renovation program.  This is aimed at renovating neighborhood sports fields around the nation (which is a great cause).  Thousands of fields were entered (with some with as many as 700,000 supporters).  Though it was tough, Kellogg's has narrowed it down to 100 finalists, and it is up to you now.

Yes, you.  From May 1st – May 31st, head over to Frosted Flakes and vote for your favorite finalist. The semifinalist fields were chosen based on the feasibility of the field makeover, the location and age of the field, how often it gets used, how many events take place, what teams use it, the number of other athletic fields in the community, the demand, condition, and the impact field renovation would have on the community.  Having voted myself, there are so many good fields to vote for that you will have a hard time voting for just one(I know I did).

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