Fun Toys For Kids – ZipLinx Triple Tower Blast

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Create high-flying chain reactions with the ZipLinx Triple Tower Blast! Launching ZipLinx (aff) into the tower trigger will make the towers fall onto the Target Launchers. Watch the mighty towers fall and trigger your endless chain-reaction fun! The ZipLinx (aff) Triple Tower Blast (aff) set delivers a different eye-popping payoff to the classic domino run, launching ZipLinx pieces up to 3′ high into the air and Hi-Fly Balls over 6′ in the air!

This fun toys for kids set includes over 9 feet of interlocking ZipLinx. Each uniquely designed 3.3” interlocking ZipLinx piece lets you create an unlimited number of designs to launch into the air!  The magic of ZipLinx is the ease of set up and no accidental starts of your run. Your design won’t “pop” until you lay in the special Linx Launcher Key!

Each set comes with 40 ZipLinx, 6 Hi-Fly Balls, 1 Launcher Key, 3 Target Launchers, 3 Towers, 1 Tower Extension with 2 (aff) Connectors, 3 Tower Bases, and 3 Tower Triggers. Connect hundreds of Linx together to extend the length and make amazing designs!

This high-flying fun toys for kids is ideal for boys, girls, and adults who love to build and create.

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