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Future Blogger

I took this picture of Madison late last night. We had put her bed, and about an hour later, she came screaming out of her room. She was crying so hard that we had no idea what happened.  All I know is that I saw she had a mouth full of blood, and I ran her into the bathroom.  We still couldn't figure out what had happened, but we had her rinse her mouth out with water and calmed her down a bit.  What we learned was that somehow she took her Pumpkin flashlight, and whacked herself in the face.  You can't tell from this picture, but she actually somehow cut two little spots below her lip, and her entire lip is swollen.  She also had some black and blue marks show up instantly. After we calmed her down and found out what happened, she says to me “mommy, do you want to take a picture?”.  That's my blogging girl!  LOL  She knew I was going to write about this.  LOL

The good news is that she is okay today.  The swelling went down, and she just has 2 little cuts below her lip.

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