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Gadget Advisor

I have learned that even though I know about computers and gadgets, there is still a ton I need/want to learn.  That is where sites like Gadget Advisor come in really handy.  You can learn about the Best extensions for Firefox and the Google Cache Checker Firefox extension. There is even software reviews like this one: Blaze Media Pro review. It is nice that the posts are written in plain English, so you do not have to decipher out the techno speak.  They even have tech news that you can follow.  If you want a tech site that you can actually understand and enjoy, check out Gadget Advisor.

3 thoughts on “Gadget Advisor

  1. That's right in the computer world you never stop learning and getting new things, because the change in technology is faster than you'll ever know 🙂 You also need to be abreast of it because you might be left behind. 😎

  2. Thanks for those sites, a good firefox extension to help you learn web design is the web developer toolbar which allows you to view people CSS and JavaScript.

  3. I just like to try gadgets for myself. Some "products" that have had high reviews weren't really my type and there are others that surprised me of their low rating but I always liked them. Thus, I am my own best judge.

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