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Gay Marriage?

I, for one, am for it.  Why?  Because two men or two women getting married don't threaten my marriage.  This war hero gets it:

We fight equal and just treatment, and right now, gay people really get the short end of the stick in everything. I'd love to know your thoughts (and please keep it nice — I really don't want to hear how you think gay people are going to go to hell or any of that).

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14 thoughts on “Gay Marriage?

  1. I for one, am for it as well. My brother is gay and it hurts my heart to see the things he has to go through.

    Everyone deserves to be happy. And if happiness equals two men marrying each other, or two women marrying each other then so be it. Who are we to tell them they shouldn't?

    Thanks for posting!


  2. I support gay marriage as well. Why should the government of a church be the ones who depict who we are to love? My sister in law is gay along with countless other friends of mine as long as they are all happy, I am happy as well!

  3. 😈 I agree with you because Gays should be treated the same! More than half of my family is gay! 😀 What should it matter you still gonna be the same no matter what you do!! What I dont get is how Gay people are together longer than straight people?? Ill tell you why cause the straight people got their wives sleepin with another guy and he is sleepin with a stripper! Yeah, I went there cause its TRUE!!Gay people actually have a better relationship than us straight people! Im straight my aunt, and uncles are gay i get judged alot but BABY U CAN SAY WHAT U WANT BUT I PROMISE IT WANT MAKE ME OR BREAK ME!!((: People say well you got 3 aunts and one uncle dont worry about my family! I bet ny aunt thats gay will whoop the **** out of somebody! Thats how my family is! It gets to me because if you love someone why cant you be with them! Heck sometimes I get judged because I have bi-sexual friends!! So WHAT!! They dont try 2 get with me and people are like your so STUPID im like dont judge the outside judge the inside!!((: And people say its a sin but BABY let me just say ""HAVENT WE ALL MADE MISTAKES""???? YES WE HAVE MOST PEOPLE HAVE HAD SEX BY THE AGE OF 18!! AINT EVEN MARRIED THATS A SIN RIGHT??? YES IT IS!! SO WHAT NOW JUST CAUSE ITS A SIN DOESNT MEAN YOU GOT THE RIGHT 2 JUDGE SOMEONE CAUSE THEY ARE GAY!! THATS ANOTHER SIN JUDGING!! UGHH,.,.,

  4. I saw that video the other day. It's very moving, particularly coming from someone who truly did fight for freedom.

    I'm pretty much with the majority here – allowing homosexuals to marry doesn't threaten my marriage in the least.

  5. Love have no gender…if someone makes you happy and you love him/her go ahead. No one have the right to tell anyone who they must love. Love is free. Period.



  6. I think society on a whole is widely accepting this day and age of gay people, religions, cultural differences etc…and rightly so. The only disturbing people we live by are our goverments!

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