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Getting my affairs in order

With my aunt dying a reading about a fellow's bloggers sister-in-laws husband dying (ironically both of lung cancer), it really makes me think about getting my own affairs in order. Otherwise, my family may have to use an inheritance advance place to make sure they have enough money on hand to cover my funeral expenses (they may still have to use it anyway).  Funerals are so very expensive nowadays.  Between the casket, the plot, and the headstone, you can easily spend $15,000 – $30,000.  Plus, these businesses want their money right away — not when the life insurance kicks in (yes, I have a life insurance policy).  When my aunt died, she was cremated. Her thoughts were that why should they spend all that money on a casket. I'm torn — I am not sure which way I'd prefer myself. However, there are a couple of songs that I would prefer to be played — Amazing Grace, On Eagles Wings, and In The Garden.

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  1. Bit of on the low side…although it may have a fair it would be better if it can work on the positive effects too.

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