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Getting Ready For The Party

We are celebrating Will's birthday party over the weekend.  If you can believe it, he is going to be 4 years old!  I know — it seems like it was just yesterday! I can guarantee it will rain though. Why?  We can't throw that kid a party without some sort of rainstorm.  All of his birthdays and even his baptism all had rain!  I swear we can't catch a break on that one.

What do you get a 4 year old though?  He already has Swivel TV stands in his room that hold my 12 inch TV (that I got in high school.  Can you believe that still works?!?!), a DVD player (the first DVD player Bill and I bought.  It was when they first came out.  Can you believe that still works too?!?!), and the receiver for our cable TV.  It's not like we are adding any audio racks or media cabinet furniture to that setup.  Actually, he has a setup at 4 that some adults don't even have.

He is a huge Spiderman fan, so I'm sure he'll be getting a ton of Spiderman stuff (including the huge Spiderman we already got for him).  Will's “real” birthday isn't until Tuesday, so he'll be highly confused on why we are celebrating this multiple times for him.  Well, off to clean and I'll let you know how the party goes!

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  1. How fun – I love birthday parties! When I was about seven, my mom threw me one with one of those "dirt" cakes – oreo crumbles all over the top with gummy worms sticking out everywhere. I loved it!


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