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Giraffalaff Limbo

giraffeOne of the funnest and funniest games that is coming out for Christmas is Giraffalaff Limbo.  Not only will your kids be giggling but you will be too!  This isn't like any Limbo you've ever played though.  You have to spin the wheel and find out which silly animal walk you have to do under the limbo bar.  It you hit the bar, it'll start giggling at you, and you are out of the game!  Is it silly?  Definitely!  Will your kids love it?  Yes!  You will have your kids constantly yelling at you to watch them do their silly walk.  The limbo bar is made out of foam, so you have no worries about anyone getting hurt.  I love that this game is more about having fun than who wins or who loses.  It also helps your little ones with their coordination.

If you want hours of giggling, Giraffalaff Limbo definitely fits the bill!


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