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One of Bill's pet peeves are those pills that you get on your clothes, your sheets, etc. I have found the best product on the market to rid your clothes of pills, fuzz, and lint that you may find!

Gleener is The Ultimate Fuzz Remover. It comes with three blades that get rid of fuzz balls off of almost every kind of fabric. Blade 1 is for large, bulky pills found on wool and acrylic sweaters and coats. Blade 2 is for medium size fuzz balls found on finer wools such cashmere. it is also effective on acrylics, polyesters, synthetic blends, and fleece. The third blade is made for delicate, fine pilling such as cotton and silk. The blades are super easy to put on and off.

What I love is that a mom came up with this. Not only was she a mom, but she was pregnant when she came up with the idea! Gleener is definitely a product that works great and is needed. It is one of those products I don't know how I lived without! As you can see above in my pictures, I used this on my comforter. In about 5 minutes, I was able to remove all those pills with very little effort.

Gleener is a product I highly recommend!

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