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Gloves In A Bottle

I have just started using Gloves In A Bottle to help battle the effects of a Chicago winter. Days like today (when with the wind chill it is below zero) are the very reason I need this new skincare item. The part I love about Gloves In A Bottle is that it does not wash off. With two little ones, I find myself constantly washing my hands. With other lotions, I was finding that I constantly was having to reapply for it to work. Well, I can't spend my day applying lotion (mostly because I don't remember).  For maximum effectiveness, you just need to reapply Gloves In A Bottle every 4 hours. Well, I tend not even remember to do it that much, and I still have noticed a difference. I have also passed on a few sample packs of this to my cousin who is a nurse. She finds herself constantly washing her hands at work too. She lives over on the East Coast, so they have dry cold winters too. I also love that it isn't greasy. I cannot stand lotion that leaves a mark on everything I touch after I apply it. It ranks up there pretty high on my list of pet peeves. Not only can you order this online, but it widely accessible in over 13,000 stores nationwide (if you hate to pay for shipping like me).  You are also able to use this on other parts of your body, and it works just as good!

7 thoughts on “Gloves In A Bottle

  1. wow your a little promoter. Its summer here so i dont think the product would come in hand for me, haha it doesnt even snow where I live. Never seen it 🙁

  2. Hey—how did you get Social Spark advertisers??? I'm jealous!! I didn't know they were doing anything yet! Lucky you!!

  3. I got some of this too, and it is also great on Kaitlyn's super-dry arms and legs. Great review!

    P.S. I'm giving you an award on T45, stop by to pick it up!

  4. WOW, I'm going to have to find some of this because I have HORRIBLE dry skin on my hands and arms right now to the point that it's itchy and scratchy all the time. Thanks for the great info!

  5. It is the best that is there and I'm sure this is going to make a big difference to who ever starts using it.

    I have been using it for sometime and even if something good comes up I dont think that I will switch.

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