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Goodbye Parking, Hello Car Service

With the drugs that I am pumped up with now due to my face infection (see prior post), I can definitely use a car service today. I literally feel like a Mack truck has run me over. It is definitely difficult to manage two kids when all you want to do is climb back into bed. Madison has a play date for today, and if there was a local car service, I would definitely look into using it. However, I do know there is a good one in New York called Dial 7. They pretty much pick you up and take your wherever you want to go ie limousine service JFK, a party in the city, etc.   They have over 450 cars, so availability shouldn't be a problem.  My sister in law lives in New York, and I can definitely see her using this service when she flies home (aff) here in Chicago.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Parking, Hello Car Service

  1. Yes, to make an good entrance, this is the way to do it.
    If you don't believe in hand made global warning, or you just don't care about it, the right choice would be a stretch Hummer. The number 1 head-turner, I promise.

  2. This piece below is a bad scenario that you don't want to experience when hiring a limousine service:

    "This was the WORST limo ride I ever had – and I've been to NYC, Dallas, Tahoe, LA, Vegas, etc.

    First the driver was late, didn't speak English, and didn't know where we were going. We had to get out a map to show him how to get to the Oakland Stadium. The car was supposed to have soda and water in it for ten people. There were two waters and two Pepsis. The driver kept interrupting us in the back to ask for directions and when we got to the stadium, we had to show him where to drop us off.

    He didn't have a cell phone so we had no way for him to find us when the game was over [we had one of the party loan him a phone].

    We asked him to get more soda and water while he waited but, he couldn't even figure that out. After five hours of jerky driving and poor service, we were finally dropped off at the house. Only to have the driver call back and complain that someone had gotten sick in the car. [I think we were all sick after an hour of his driving] So, the driver came back one more time to show us the "problem" . Which we wiped off the counter top where drinks had spilt and the driver said we were fine. Only to find out that our credit card was charged an extra $500 for the spills!!!"

    Well, what do I need to say, stick with quality. 😉

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