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Goodnight For Justice

I always love a good Hallmark movie. They have got good movies down to a science, and Goodnight for Justice does not disappoint. Here's a quick synopsis:

A Circuit Judge of the Western Territories seeks vengeance against the outlaws who killed his family in this tense western drama starring Luke Perry. As a child, John Goodnight watched helplessly as bandits killed his parents in cold blood. Years later, Goodnight (Perry) has become a circuit judge. His lifelong mission: bring justice to the Western Territories, and ensure the leader of the outlaw gang pays for his crime. Upon getting his target in his sights, however, Goodnight finds his powerful thirst for vengeance overpowering his enduring quest for justice.

For me, this movie was the classic struggle between good versus evil and doing the right thing (with a Western movie thrown into the mix). I thought it was a pretty good movie that holds your attention. I'm not normally a fan of Westerns, but this one did catch my attention. I'm not going to tell you how it ends — I'll let you decide if John goes for justice or revenge.

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