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What could be better than a game that incorporates what most women love to do?  Nothing!  That is why you should check out GoShop.  You and your friends can shop against each other for the finest in designer items: Shoes, Dresses, Make-up, Handbags, and Jewelry. However, along the way you will have to avoid credit card declines, maxing out, and store security. Shopping has never been more competitive and fun!

This is a round-the-table dice game for 2 (aff)-6 players. Players take turns rolling the dice to make as many purchases as they can, aiming for the finest designer items. The shopper with the most purchases wins!

This game is for six and up, so Madison and I took a stab at it.  I had to help her add up her purchases, but besides that, she could pretty much do it on her own.  She also loved when she beat me twice in a row, because I kept maxing out the credit card!  We had a lot of fun playing it together.

The other cool thing is that I can see this being played as an adult game also like batchelorette parties, wine dinners, girls game night, etc.  I can imagining drinking every time you max out your credit cards or even when you get a sale.  You can definitely have fun with the game.

GoShop is a game that women of all ages will enjoy.  It is a perfect for the woman who has everything!

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