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Granny's Guide to Fun & Fabulous Family Stories

Everyone has a story to tell from the oldest to the youngest people in your family.  How many holidays are spend reliving the fun stories of our past?  Something we never think to do is actually write these stories down.  We forget that we aren't all going to be here forever.  To keep these stories living on, we need to get them down, but it often seems overwhelming.  You don't know where to start.  Granny’s Guide to Fun & Fabulous Family Stories explains how to have fun and capture personal histories be it your own or others in your family. It is written for Baby Boomers, parents, grandparents & anyone who wants their children and family members to know their elders and ancestors.  The book is a quick and easy read.  It definitely gets your juices flowing.  It also has interview questions right in the book that you can answer.

Whether a family group wants to write a short vignette, a Keepsake for Kids or a more extensive family history, this book makes it fun & easy for the whole family to preserve their heritage.

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One thought on “Granny's Guide to Fun & Fabulous Family Stories

  1. I have read this book and it is actually very cute. What could be more important than passing on memories to our children and grandchildren? They may or may not appreciate it now, but they will for sure when they are older. The interview questions are very creative and not obvious.

    You wrote an excellent review. I highly recommend this book :mrgreen:

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