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Great Easter Toys

The next couple of toys I am going to talk about will make great Easter toys (and actually, great toys for your kids any time of the year!). How do I know this? I have the best product testers in the world — my 21 month old and my 5 year old. If they pass their testing, they get two thumbs up from me. Now, my kids have been checking out these things and loved them. All can be bought from Hasbro.

play-doh-spring-character-2-pack-white-and-blueThe #1 gift this Easter season has to be from Play-Doh. My kids love love love the Spring Characters that you see to the left. When I pulled these out, all I got was squeals of joy (aff). They giggled that the Play-Doh containers were ducks and bunnies. Before we even took the Play-Doh out, we had some great fun playing with the containers. Now, it does say 3 (aff) and up (Will is only 21 months and has been playing with Play-Doh for a while. It is up to you if your children can handle not eating and only playing with this. Mine can.). The very cool thing is that there are stamps on the bottom of the feet of the containers. The bunny has a carrot stamp, and the chick has a chick stamp. Yes, they actually work pretty well. This Play-Doh has been played with countless hours at my house, and I can only highly recommend it as an addition to any Easter Basket (aff).

lps-pet-pairs-dwarf-bunny-bunnyAnother great gift is the Littlest Pet Shop pairs. These bunnies are the cutest things, and they make a great addition to any Littlest Pet Shop collection. The age on this is 4 and up, and these are pretty small. I personally love the little carrots that come with — it doesn't get cuter than this! Madison likes the Littlest Pet Shop, so this was another hit in our house.

774831deb0f3_main200Now, my kids have had a great time with above two toys. However, the hands down winner has to be the FurReal Friends Teacup Pup. Seriously, my kids think this is the best thing since sliced bread (and I'm not kidding). I do have to add that we don't have any pets (I am allergic to both cats and dogs. I also have two kids to take care of; I really don't need to add another living thing to deal with). However, this is the next best thing to a real dog. Why? This little puppy moves its head, blinks its eyes, and even has posable legs. You can pet it, and it responds to you! It even makes puppy sounds! My kids adore this! You even get your own special adoption certificate and can register whatever name your kids pick out online! It comes with its own purse, so your little ones can carry it around wherever they go. This will definitely get two thumbs up from any child.

These three toys will make great additions to any Easter basket (aff) this year.

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One thought on “Great Easter Toys

  1. All of these are SO cute. I've relaxed my play doh rule now that we live in a house with a hardwood floor hallway where Kaitlyn can play with it and it's easy to clean up afterwards. It's when it sticks to carpet that I hate play doh! lol

    The Teacup Pup is my favorite!

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