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Green Works Dish Soap

I am always in the market for trying new products. I also find that now I have kids that we have also been trying to buy more products that are environmentally friendly. I don't want to leave a world for my children and my grandchildren to have to clean up. Green Works Dish Soap is definitely fits what I am looking for. I can honestly say that this dish soap does its job. We've tried buying several brands of dish soap before, and a lot of them just do not get the dishes clean. However, this dish soap definitely does! It passes the stuck on kid foods (which means lots of dried on ketchup among other things). I am also very sensitive to most detergents and dish soaps (I break out in hives after using them). However, I had absolutely no problems with this. It also smells nice.

To quote their site, “All Green Works natural cleaners are made using plant-based ingredients derived from coconuts, as well as essential oils. The products are formulated using biodegradable ingredients, are packaged in bottles that can be recycled and not tested on animals.” I couldn't say it better. Who wouldn't want to use a product that is both natural and is environmentally friendly in both its ingredients and packaging?

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  1. I saw this at the grocery store the other day and I was wondering if was any good.

    Is it really green or just calling itself "green" with packaging that suggests something it may not deliver?

    Guess I'll have to invest a couple of dollars and find out.

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