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Grow Baby Green

I know after I had Will that trying to use natural products was something that we were going to try to do. Grow Baby Green is a website dedicated to helping stay environmentally safe and sound with your child's products. They give some great idea of how to help the environment and not break the bank. Surprisingly, you may be do some of these things already. For example, recycling your clothes. Both my kids wear hand-me-down clothes. I also pass their clothes down to other cousins who can use them. I have also donated my clothes and other items in the house that aren't being used to Goodwill, so somebody else can get a use out of them. There is also a great article of why you shouldn't be using bleach. Did you know that more deaths occur due to the inhalation or ingestion of bleach than from any other household cleaning product? That alone should keep bleach out of your house! Each post has some great eco-friendly products to look at and try out too. This is a great place to stop and check out how you can make little changes in your house and with your kids to help the environment. It is these baby steps that allow for a better environment for us all.

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  1. A parent must lead as an example of being green in order for the children to live green as well. Children can garden, compost, recycle, ride bikes. Then if you garden start to ID the beneficial bugs and birds that come around. Take nature walks. Talk about what could bring nature into your yard and plant the plants to bring the creatures you want to your environment. Live in the city? plant a container garden. Use cow poo to fertilize, go to the local nursery and ask where to find free mulch and compost in order to avoid using chemical fertilizers (or buy a Jerry Baker book for natural fertilizers and insecticides that are more environmentally friendly) It may take a little research on your part, but raising a child green isn't as hard as we all make it out to be.

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