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I recently was able to try out some new and very different hair brushes.

You use a hairfree brush just like any other round styling brush you already have.  You can use them as a regular brush or you can use them with a blow dryer (which is how I've used mine).  When you do use them with your blow dryer, you want to heat the cleaning plates (which are at the back of bristles) for about 45 seconds.  This will get the plates hot (and it seemed help me do my hair quicker.  It is more like using a flat iron/curling iron when you use a blow dryer with it).  As long as you continue to use your blow dryer, the plates to stay hot.  However, it does only take about 5 minutes before the plates to cool down.

This is pretty cool brush.  I did like it especially when you don't want to haul your flat iron/curling iron everywhere you go.

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