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Halloween Madness

How was your Halloween? Here is Chicago we had a beautiful day. The last two Halloweens it was so cold that we have to dress the kids in layers of berghaus clothing, and they were still cold after about an hour. Not that they wanted to quit trick or treating or anything, but I was worried about how cold it was. However, this year, we didn't have that problem. I think it was almost 70 degrees out.  I definitely had the kids and myself overdressed.  I actually found myself sweating at times.  Isn't that crazy?

We went with my neighbors and their kids and ended up trick or treating for about two hours.  About half way through, we went back to our houses and got a wagon.  Will was getting super heavy a that point.  Bill would have been here to help, but he got stuck in a huge traffic jam trying to come home (obviously, everyone had the same idea to leave early).  After the third house, I quit walking Will to the door.  His 27 pounds gets quite heavy when you have to walk up porch steps several time.  However, Madison made sure he was taken care of.  She asked at almost every house for candy for her little brother.  Then she would run to Will and put it in his pumpkin.  It was cute, but highly embarassing for me.

After two hours, Bill ended up getting home, and we went to his brothers house.  We were suppose to trick or treat over there, but the kids were pretty much done (which was fine with me, because I was beat).  We just ended up ordering pizza, and the kids just played together.

All in all it was a pretty good day.  How about you?  How did you spend your Halloween?

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  1. Your Halloween sounded exciting 😀 Mine revolved around my two little nephews. They are a 1 year and a 2 year old. My sis has been planning on surprising everyone with their costumes for a couple months. So we finally got to see them when we went over on Halloween night! As we knocked on the door we heard these little feet running over in excitement (they loved passing out candy to the little kids that came). And as the door opened there stood, from the back to the future movie, Doc Brown and Marty McFly! It was so cute. The oldest has always had white fluffy hair, so it suited his costume nicely. And the younger has short brown hair and was wearing an orange "life jacket" vest. It was hilarious! Anyway, I'm glad you had fun too! -M

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