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Halloween: Masquerade Time!

It is hard to believe that Halloween is a little over a month away, and it is time to start looking at Halloween Costume Stores again. I remember rushing around last minute last year trying to find a superman costume for Will (As you can see, I did find one!).  This year I am not quite sure what we are making the kids.  I did find some Handy Manny costumes in Will's size, so we may go with that.  Madison changes her mind from day to day what she wants to be.  Right now, she wants to be a fairy with wings or a princess.  This is very surprising for my house due to the fact she is soooo not a girly girl.  However, she is old enough to decide what she does and does not want to be for Halloween.  She could be asking for much worse, so I am happy with a fairy or a princess.  I think we are leaning towards a princess since last year she was supergirl, the year before that she was Tinkerbell, and the year before that she was a flower.

How do you decide what your kids are going to be for Halloween?

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2 thoughts on “Halloween: Masquerade Time!

  1. Well, I don't have kids, but my sister always tries to go with a family theme. Last year, they were farmers and the baby was a pumkin. This year, the two little kids will be the Tin Man and Dorothy. The dad will be the Wizard, the mom will be Glenda the Good Witch, and the baby is an evil flying monkey!

    That is an adorable picture of your kids. I love the superman outfit!

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