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Hannah Montana?

We stopped by my inlaws house last night.  On the way there, our local radio station (Q101) has a feature called “This Request Sucks”.  It is an alternative and rock station, and people can call in during this time and request songs that suck.  Well, yesterday, we listening while the “This Request Sucks” was on.  A song came on and I said to Bill that I thought it was Miley Cyrus.  Madison said, “It's Hannah Montana”.  At the end of the feature they tell you who all the songs were by.  Well, guess what?  The song was by Hannah Montana.  Here's where my confusion comes in.  We don't watch Hannah Montana.  I have never seen the show.  It isn't something we discuss in my house.  How did Madison know that was Hannah Montana?  Any ideas?

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  1. Miley Cyrus is Hannah Montana. The show is sort of a double-life thing for the main character. She's Miley, then she puts on the wig to take the stage as Hannah Montana.

    What do I win? 🙂

  2. Maybe she secretly has a TV in her room in which she watches Hannah Montana. Kids can be pretty sneaky. I remember when I was a lad, I would sneak into the closet with brown sugar and eat it. The funny thing is, my dad used to do the same thing as a child.

  3. Mine has two older siblings so she knows. But maybe your daughter has seen a commercial or has friends outside the house that know of her. Amazing what they can pick up.

  4. Andy thinks maybe she heard about it at school. I would just call her a genius like her aunt Kari (but that's just me.)

  5. Hey, its too amazing and good. My daughter is very much familiar with Hannah Montana. Kids like the show very much as it is all sorts of a comedian show and a perfect charecter is picturized.

  6. My daughter is 3 and I am having the same deal go on. She knows who Hanna Montana is by sight and gets sooo excited about it, but does not watch the show or listen to the music. I don't know.

  7. Maybe she's heard from he friends. or accidentally viewed the show once. 😀

  8. The Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana phenomena is just inescapable, even if you've never made any sortof effort to listen to her music or catch her on television. Her popularity has grown so immensely that she's marketed virtually everywhere, across every medium. I enjoy her music, but I do think that some of the marketing has gone a little over the top (e.g. free 3D glasses from Walmart for her concert video)

  9. Possibly she has seen the show/websites/music videos online???

    Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus seems to be everywhere at the moment. Shes in the tabloids, on the news, in the glossy mags, in the charts, on her own tv show, on tours…..the list goes on, so if your child is pretty young, im pretty sure she/he would have heard of hannah / miley.

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