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Haunted Movies

I don't get why this happens. Every so often when we put movies into Madison's TV/DVD combo, the closed captioning service starts working and the whole movie is in closed captioned. However, we don't click on anything to make it happen. It just does. The next time she'll play the movie, this won't happen. Anybody have any ideas why this is happening? It only happens on her TV too!

3 thoughts on “Haunted Movies

  1. Blog Catalog is really slowing down the load time on your site.

    I would check the DVD options to make sure the captioning is off when you put in a new DVD.

  2. I knew it had to be something easy! It was just so weird and it happened again this morning when I put in Scooby Doo for Madison. Will try checking that next time it happens.

    Looking at the blogcatalog thing. I just took flickr off since it was killing my load time.

  3. Some DVDs, if you look at the Audio or Setup menus, they have the closed captioning on automatically. Which I like, because with three screaming banshee children in the house, I need the CC on so I can tell what the people are saying! lol

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