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Having Fun

I recently had the opportunity to review a S107G Mini Gyro.  In plain English, it is a remote controlled helicopter.  While the review is over on Lisa Reviews, I wanted to talk about it over here too just due to the amount of fun my kids and our family has had with it.  It is oftentimes hard to find something that interests everyone.  The S107G Mini Gyro does just that:

We brought this over to Bill's brothers house for a small get together they had over the holiday weekend.  What amazed me most was that everybody tried it — even my mother-in-law!  (She flew it over my brother-in-law's house!).  I taped in the house due to the wind.  It was super windy outside when I was trying to tape, and it wouldn't take off.  However, my brother-in-law's house is set up perfect for flying helicopters.  I think everybody took a try at this. I do have a word of caution though — we lost the back propeller when it crashed into the deck (so be careful around decks).  We think it went between the planks.  The best part is that it comes with a spare, so our helicopter still works.  🙂

My kids can fly this too.  Bill has to help them a bit, but they do a pretty good job.  Will's birthday party is this weekend — do you think everybody is going to play with it again?  I do!

The Syma S107G is one of those things that everybody enjoys.  I recommend it for any upcoming gifts you may have (or just get one for yourself!). Thanks again to XenonProject.com for sending us the RC helicopter to review!

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