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He Peed on me!!!!

Sorry, this is both a funny yet gross story about what happened Sunday morning at my house. I am still laughing over it.

About 4 am Sunday morning, I was feeding Will. I went to go change his diaper, and he was not happy. This woke Madison up, so she wanted to help me. She came flying into the nursery to help. Bill also decided to get up. Since I had to go to the bathroom, I left it up to Bill to change Will.

The next thing I know is that Madison is screaming at the top of her lungs. Bill was like “what?” to her. She then proceeds to scream, “He peed on me! He peed on me!” And she was right. We turned on the light, and Will had peed down her arm and all over her pajamas. We are such bad parents, because all we could do is laugh at her which made her more angry. Heck, I am still laughing at this. I got her cleaned up and new pajamas. However, she is still talking about how Baby Will peed on her, and she did not like it.

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